To celebrate the launch of our beloved Malden Collection in Pink, we wanted to introduce you to these irresistible beauties in the video below and tell you all about the amazing benefits you can get by surrounding yourself with gorgeous shades of pink. Do you even need an excuse to upgrade your planner?

A Pink State of Mind

You already know all about our classic and much loved collection: Malden. The colour palette is dreamy enough, but we knew there was one vital shade missing and that is, of course, pink. The premium leather covers with contrast stitching look even more delightful in this stunning hue. Featuring a week on two pages diary layout and sizes available in A5, Personal, Pocket or Mini. These planners also come in stunning gift boxes, making the perfect present. Or why not treat yourself when you need a little pick-me-up?

Filofax Malden Organiser in Pink

Psychology of Pink

Pink, a delicate colour that represents sweetness and is associated with bubble gum, cotton candy and all things sugar and spice. Whatever shade you are more drawn to, will represent different qualities. Pastel pink gives people a sense of calm and evokes positivity. Light pink has a slightly stronger red tone and has been known to soothe feelings of anger, while darker shades of pink are proven to heighten feelings such as warmth and romantic emotions. The closer the shade is to orange, the more fun and playful you will feel. Overall, pink offers inspiration and renewal - add accents of this beautiful colour to your day to live a more balanced life.

When it comes to all things colour, we always look to Pantone - their spring/summer colour palette of the year includes some of our favourite shades of Pink. From soft and powdery Gossamer Pink to vibrant and always visible Innuendo Pink. Explore for yourself.

Filofax Malden Leather Organiser in Pink

The History Behind the Colour of Perfection

Let's go back to 800 BC when a Greek botanist named the colour pink after the ruffled edges of carnation flowers. In the 18th century, both male and female aristocrats wore this colour as a symbol of their class. Once the 20th century came around, men started to wear darker colours to reflect their service in World War II, while pastel colours were rebranded as feminine, as part of a postwar effort to remove women from the workforce and back into traditional housewife roles. This colour has been widely used to symbolise the birth of a newborn girl or the most romantic day of the year. Since the 1990s, pink has become a more gender-neutral colour and used as a symbol for breast cancer awareness and Pride.

Pink Leather Malden Organiser by Filofax

If you'd like to find out more about this collection and discover the perfect Malden shade for you, then check out our Pinterest board, trust us... you won't be able to stop at just one planner!