Set your out-of-office on and sit back. Enjoy a summer to remember with our top tips on how to travel in organised style with our stationery essentials.

Travel and Holiday planning with Filofax Organisers and Map Refills

Your travel must haves

Whether you're heading off on a gap year or jetting away for a week or two, there is no simple way to pack everything you will need. Start by creating lists in your planner of what is vital and what isn't, this way nothing will be forgotten or take up unnecessary space.

Don't leave behind your planning essentials:
- Organiser or notebook depending on how you plan.
- Travel wallet for keeping those important documents safe.
- Ballpoint pen for capturing special memories.
- Passport holder for checking-in with style.
- Zipper pouch can even be used to store makeup.
- Refills for lists or daily agendas, plus map refills.

Travel Planning with Filofax Notepads

Do your research

As much fun as it is just turning up in a new country and getting lost in its culture, you miss out on those local haunts you would only ever find from word of mouth. Find those lesser known sights the tourists haven't found yet by checking out blogs such as Poosh, Oneika The Traveller, Lonely Planet, to books or even searching on social media. Make a note of a few restaurants, cafes or quirky shops and exhibitions you'd love to visit with our sticky notes and work out a rough agenda for each day so you'll never be stuck for inspiration.

Holiday Planning with Filofax Refillable Notebooks

Get creative

Every destination consists of a journey, whether that is a 10 hour lay over or an overnight train to somewhere exciting. Fill that time by playing those childhood games in your notebook such as Noughts and Crosses or Pictionary. Why not also create mood boards using postcards, magazines or even tickets you have picked up along the way? Be even more prepared with our finance refills, ideal for sorting out daily budgets and add a little fun to these pages by decorating them with stickers and washi tape.