Add a touch of sparkle to your cover


As the best gifts come from the heart, our team of hopeless romantics here at Filofax HQ have customised some Clipbooks to inspire you to get creative this Valentine's Day. From Confetti Hearts to Glitter Windows, we have a few ideas to help you make a fun cover design or unique gift for someone special. It's time to get creative with Clipbook!

What you will need


* A5 Clipbook (keep the plastic packaging)  * A pencil  * Strong tape  * An eyelet   * A pot of glitter  * A craft knife  * A snap ring   * A ruler

Steps - cut the shape in the cover


1. Start by drawing a large heart in the centre on the front cover of the Clipbook.

2. Use the craft knife to carefully cut the heart out of the cover (save this for later).

3. Take your Clipbook packaging and cut two squares from it, ensuring the size of these are larger than the heart itself. Then cut lengths of the tape and seal three sides of the squares together to make a pouch.

Make a pouch and fill it with glitters


4. Next step is to sprinkle your glitter of choice into the pouch and seal the top with more tape.

5. Tape the pouch to the inside of the cover making sure the tape is not visible from the outside.

6. Finally, create a fun keying out of the heart shape removed from the cover - just add an eyelet and a snap ring.

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03 februari 2020