Is there anything more exciting than refreshing your desk space with a burst of colour? Whether you prefer delicate hues of soft pink, vibrant blues or a nature-evoking green in your workspace; find out how the colour of your stationery can affect your mind, planning and approach to work.

Blue Organisers


Blue = Perfect for perfectionists

The colour of calm and tranquillity; if you require peace after the hectic start of a new decade, this is the hue for you. In terms of the psyche, blue is known to impact the mind positively. With many shades to choose from, aqua and light blues are associated with emotional healing, whereas a darker blue is best for those seeking knowledge, power and integrity. Perfect for perfectionists - lovers of blue often enjoy order and control.

Pink Organisers

Pink - Proven to energise your imagination and creativiy

Pink is the universal colour of love and represents a prosperous future ahead. It can help create a feeling of happiness, contentment and appreciation to oneself. Bright pinks are rebellious and playful while the softer hues signify affection, inner peace and adventure. Try pink paper to energise your imagination and creativity.

Green Organisers

Green - the colour of self growth and personal development

The colour of renewal, nature and energy; green is a relaxing colour for the human eye to view. Darker shades represent ambition and a drive for success, while lighter shades bring joy and contentment. Ideal for students, green is a colour of self growth and personal development and supports wellbeing.

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18 februari 2020