The beauty of everyone being so different is that we can learn new things from each other and implement this knowledge into our everyday lives. Take charge of your finances, create a study journal and so much more with our lovely friends using Filofax stationery.

Focus on your Wellbeing with the Indigo Collection

Filofax Indigo Stationery Collection

Kelsey Cissna

There are so many benefits to keeping track of your daily habits by writing in your notebook. Make a start on prioritising yourself with Kelsey, who enjoys nothing more than creating a fitness journal to keep herself accountable with workouts and healthy eating.

Take care of yourself with these Filofax essentials:
Indigo A5 Refillable Notebook | Indigo A5 Notebook Dividers | Indigo Ballpoint Pen | Indigo Sticky Notes | Indigo Stickers

Budget with the Botanical Collection 

Filofax Botanical Stationery Collection

Anna Pickshaus

Make budget planning easier and more effective with our friend Anna, who uses her notebook to set, track and achieve her financial goals by creating pages dedicated to expenses and weekly reminders for payments.

Set yourself up for the future with these Filofax essentials:
Botanical A5 Refillable Notebook | Botanical Ballpoint Pen | Expense Tracker A5 Notebook Refill | Letter Stencil

Craft with the Confetti Collection  

Filofax Confetti Stationery Collection

Lhey Ralston

Do you ever feel like you need a creative outlet? Lhey uses her notebook to sketch ideas, practice lettering and create beautiful pages to signal the start of a new month or feel inspired with quotes and stunning floral designs.

Bring your ideas to life with these Filofax essentials:
Confetti A5 Refillable Notebook | Banner Stencil | Confetti Pencil Case | Confetti Washi Tape Set


Study with the Moonlight Collection 

Filofax Moonlight Stationery Collection

Mariane Cresp

Upgrade your classroom essentials and start fresh with Mariane who uses her notebook for planning the month ahead and habit tracking. Set yourself up for success by keeping your notes, goals and study schedule all in one place.

Feel prepared with these Filofax essentials:
Moonlight A5 Refillable Notebook | Moonlight Ballpoint Pen | Moonlight Stickers | Moonlight Sticky Notes | Elastic Pen Loop


Plan with the Pastel Collection 

Filofax Pastel Stationery Collection

Temi Manning

Find out how you can get the most out of your new desk setup with our lovely friend Temi who uses her notebook to tick off to-dos, create work lists and prioritise projects - create the perfect planner for all aspects of your life.

Plan a life you love with these Filofax essentials:
Classic Pastels A5 Refillable Notebook | Garden Ballpoint Pen | Garden Öli Clip™ Magnetic Clip | Garden Washi Tape Set

09 september 2022