As the evenings begin to get lighter and sweaters are firmly packed away, it's time we think about how we can give back to this beautiful planet for giving us these long awaited summer months. Find out how you can live a more sustainable life with these ideas below - all you need are our refills!

Sustainable summer

Staycations are calling

Not traveling too far this summer? Don't worry! Gone are the days when a vacation only started at the airport. The good old road trip days are well and truly back. Discover the beautiful hidden treasures in your own back garden by using our projects & goals refills, designed to help plan your idyllic getaway with ease, allowing you to be in full vacation mode. By staying local, not only will you be reducing the amount of carbon dioxide going into the atmosphere, but you'll find a new love and appreciation for where you live. Make sure you also book sustainably friendly accommodation or try being at one with nature and camp in the great outdoors. Once you are settled into your new surroundings, why not explore by cycling, kayaking or even hiking to reduce the amount you use your car? Other top tips: leave behind all your electronic devices and pack reusable water bottles and cutlery for lots of al fresco dining.

Projects & Goals Refills are compatible with Clipbooks and Organisers in Personal or A5 sizes and available for Notebooks in A5.

Zero waste tips

Eat your greens

By growing your own vegetable garden, you are the one to decide what goes on your plants and into your soil, allowing you to reduce the amount of harmful chemicals polluting our environment. Organically growing your own food is sustainable and healthier for your family, plus it tastes so much better and is a lot of fun! Our NEW Garden refills will help you stay inspired and track when to plant seeds or harvest your produce, at a year view or a month view for busier seasons. Plus, adding sticky notes or writing in coloured pens will make caring for your veggie patch super easy.

Garden Refills are compatible with Clipbooks and Organisers in Pocket, Personal and A5 sizes.

Meal planning

Waste not, want not

When it comes to meal planning, the term 'zero-waste' is pretty new to many and can be a daunting concept at first. With many households wasting 4.5m tonnes of food a year, our meal planner refills are ideal for tracking exactly what fresh produce you have in the fridge or garden and allows you to make smaller lists for the grocery trip. Also, by shopping at more eco-friendly shops and only filling up your containers from home with what you actually need - not only will you save money, but you will help to heal the planet at the same time.

Meal Planner Refills are compatible with Clipbooks and Organisers in Personal or A5 sizes and available for Notebooks in A5 size.

Plan your meals

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