Planning tips for 2022

We all lead different lives and have very specific priorities, which is why we offer a wide variety of dated refills. Whether you plan weekly or monthly, discover the right refill for your Organiser or Clipbook, with our tips and tricks below.

Day by day planning

One day on a page diary with appointments lay out


If you need a diary that covers daily planning and hourly scheduling, our one day on a page diary with appointments refills are made for you.


1. Be consistent.

Set aside 10 minutes the night before to write down your daily to-dos and schedule for the day ahead, using the hourly section on the left.

2. Keep big-picture planning at the top of your mind.

The month calendar at the bottom of the page is there to help you countdown to important days and works as a friendly reminder of what's to come.

Your week at a glance

Week on two pages diary lay out

Our Minimal refills allow you to organise your daily plans, while seeing the entire week at a glance. Expect to also find year calendars, dotted and ruled pages for endless journaling and reflection!


1. Develop the habit of planning a week ahead.

Take 20 minutes every week to reflect on your current week and plan out the following. Not only will this make you feel more productive, but it will also help you feel more prepared and less stressed.

2. Schedule self-care into your planner.

Leave a little room each day so that you can adjust your schedule. Make sure you also block out time for some me-time, like a walk outside, chat with a friend, or even meditation.

The month ahead

Month to view planner lay out

Planning projects, budgeting, and so much more, this month on two pages refill is the perfect addition to your Organiser or Clipbook - designed for every type of lifestyle.


1. Track your spending and budgeting.

The monthly spreads and note section on the left are ideal for setting financial goals, tracking bills and savings.

2. Use your monthly refills for work and home projects.

Easily keep on top of calendar deadlines, meetings, chores, meal planning. Create your very own master planner!

Yearly plans - the big picture

Yearly planner lay out

Feel at one with nature with our beautiful Garden refills, perfect for organising the year at a glance - ideal for teachers, academics and event planners.


1. Monthly dashboard and calendar pages.

Use the monthly spreads to plan the year in more detail.

2. Customise your big plans.

Our selection of coordinated Garden stickers, sticky notes and washi tape will make your goals and to-dos stand out.

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