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We all find it hard to concentrate sometimes. Here at Filofax, we are always on the look out for ways to add productivity to people's lives through our stationery. Watch the video below to discover our Indigo Collection, inviting you to feel all kinds of calm, cool and collected.

We wanted to create a collection around blue and indigo hues because these colours are naturally soothing, shown to help calm the mind and aid concentration. By adding accents of blue into your workspace, you can stimulate a better state of mind to keep ideas flowing continuously and make you feel more focused. You might be thinking how can a colour do this? The colour blue is proven to lower blood pressure and slow down your heart rate, making you feel calm and relaxed. If you want to find out more about what colours are right for your desk, make sure you check out our blog on planning colourfully.

Filofax Indigo Collection Colours

Bring your ideas to life and get all of your to-dos done with our Indigo Refillable Notebooks and Organisers, with abstract weather-inspired designs, gold foil accents and patterned interiors in complementing colours. If you want to boost productivity even more, our Pinterest board on upgrading your workspace is perfect for WFH inspiration.

Filofax Indigo Collection Notebook and Accessories

Designed with the multitasker in mind! Discover our coordinating range of stickers, washi tape, ballpoint pen zipper pouch, sticky notes and dividers

Add a tranquil feel to your phone with our downloadable wallpapers.

Indigo in Grey Wallpaper
Indigo in Snow Wallpaper
Indigo in Frost Wallpaper
Indigo in Rain Wallpaper

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Filofax Indigo Collection Organisers

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